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  The name “Lotus Greens” itself denotes something that is different and unique. Mr. Nirmal Singh is the founder of the company and is an expert in imagining differently beyond just building apartments of bricks and glass. His imaginary vision has allowed Lotus Greens to have a number of residential, schools and other buildings in hospitality and medical sectors. The aim of the founder of the company is to provide a different living standard and style to people that is healthy and that also does not harm the environment. All the projects are constructed keeping this thought in mind since beginning.

 The residential projects of the company have provided living space to many families and in next three years the company has targeted to provide housing to more 12000 families. There are already two schools of international standard under the name of Lotus Valley International School in Gurgaon and Noida and there is an aim of providing more two such schools in coming next 3 years time. Also there institutions planned that will be there for the training purpose of teaching, nursing and many more that can help in the development process of the country. Lotus Greens have also extended its services in the hospitality sector lately.

 Not only real estate business, Lotus Greens has also provided services in social forms. It has plans of joining hands with various NGOs to help noble causes such as education of poor children and many others. Thus, the company has a planning to bring a change in the country with good ideas. They have also ventures with good brands so that they can gain success in the plans that they are aiming at. It can be said that Lotus Greens under the guidance of Mr. Nirmal Singh has started a wave of change in the country now.